domingo, octubre 21, 2007

el amor es un perro del infierno

For the last time I AM NOT INTERESTED in the loving and fucking and the goings to places of CHARLES BUKOWSKI AND LIZA WILLIAM… so keep that shit out of my mail box and my life. I can inspire a man to enough love that half of his love letters DO NOT HAVE TO BE FILLED WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. SHOVE OFF. I'm looking for a man who can keep his cock out of hamberger when he knows it's hamberger.. a man who can buy his own wrist watches and wallets and doesn't have to pay for them with fuck. A man who can maintain love feelings for more than ten days without fucking another woman. I cannot respond to love letters written on top of another woman's belly. Send me another and I'll shit in it and send it to her ...I do know where she works.